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An extraordinary world is within your grasp

An extraordinary world is within your grasp

You seek a world of rare moments, rich with people, places, and experiences that others only dream of. You demand a heightened style and level of attention far above the ordinary. All that you desire from travel, and much more, is yours. Let us astonish you.

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Nothing should stand between you and the extraordinary. We always deliver your experience with the comfort and urgency that you require — private jets and helicopters, villas, yachts, and concierge service are all available for you.

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Be whisked into Hollywood’s most private and most legendary after-after-party on the industry’s biggest night, hosted by a remarkable power duo – so infamous that insiders call it simply “The Party.”

Venture to the bottom of the ocean in a unique submersible on live research with two world-famous scientists, then relax in the sublime opulence of your own private yacht.

Enjoy the singular thrill of watching the world’s most high-profile race in Las Vegas from above the pits in an actual team paddock, under the dedicated culinary attention of some of world’s finest chefs.

Explore the unique White Desert, the closest our planet comes to stepping on the Moon, via a private expedition, followed by celebrating your exploration with some of the world’s finest chefs and vineyards.

Step into the backrooms of the fashion world in Paris and Milan for celebrity stylist shoots and your own private fitting, followed by a night in London at the private table of the world’s most notorious chef.

Have the world’s most iconic and beloved singer-songwriter perform for a small group of your family and friends in Los Angeles, then attend his renowned viewing party on Hollywood’s most glamorous night.

Surround yourself with basketball’s biggest stars at the sport’s most exciting new experience — a spectacular festival of up-and-coming talent and cultural inspiration, in one of Africa’s most stirring destinations.

Indulge in your very own languorous South Pacific dream sojourn in the embrace of its most exclusive properties, hopping from Fiji and French Polynesia to Papua New Guinea and New Zealand via private jet.

We invite you to create the most precious moments you can imagine.